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    The customer sample application
*The name of the:
*The contact: *Mobile: *E-mail:
Electricity equipment input information  
*By name:
*Subordinate to the industry: Note: consumer electronics, medical equipment, industrial equipment, commercial equipment, security equipment, and other
*Sales market: Note: both domestic and abroad
Application environment: The environment temperature:,Environmental humidity:
The mode of transportation: Note: air, sea and land transportation
By positioning: Note: in the high-end products, end products, low-end products
Electrical appliances power characteristics  
Working voltage range: V
The normal working current: A
The biggest starting current: A,The starting time:ms
Maximum continuous working current: A
Power frequency and time:
Battery part of the input information  
*The finished battery voltage requirements:
*The finished battery capacity requirements:
*Choose shape of batteries battery products: Note: column type 18650, square aluminum shell, soft - coated polymer
*Choose brand batteries, battery products: Note: customers specify brand and model name, we recommend
Battery products packaging: Note: the simple PVC bag, plastic shell, aluminum alloy
*Battery largest dimension and tolerance:
Batteries assembled way:
Plug type and direction:
Wire type and length:
Battery products certification requirements: Note: GB18287-2000, CE, UL, ROSH, certificates and other UN38.3, parts
Battery management requirements  
The power indicator light function: Note: need to, don't need
Light requirements:
Communication mode: Note: One - line, HDQ, I2C, SMbus and other
Electricity meter IC: Note: specifying, specify, no other
Other information  
Expect to deliver time: Note: 15 days, 20 days, 30 days, other
Sample quantity requirement:
Expected time batch and quantity:
  The above information to fill in more detailed the better, our technical staff will contact you the first time, for further communication confirmation!
  Technical support telephone:0769-23320236

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